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"Be the reason somebody feels seen, heard, valued,  and hopeful, be that change"

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Who we are...

A Bespoke Support Service - Treating People as Ordinary Citizens

We are the product of an exciting Bespoke Provision project in Leeds - the first of its kind in Leeds in bringing tailored support closer to people who are on the margins of society. The overall aim of our project is to give people the resources and support to be an ordinary citizen in their community. People we support are either hospitalized, in an institution or jail or at risk of admission at the time of their referral to us which is in part due to their complex needs, their 'hefty reputations',  and their history of previous placement breakdowns. With this in mind, we have created a service that aims to meet these needs in a bespoke way and to stick by them like glue to create stability in their lives they have never had before.

The 3 Aspects of our Bespoke Project


We aim for people to have as much control within their lives as possible from the start, with a view to growing that control over time. Their choices, preferences and aspirations are the framework of their support we provide, and we do not compromise on these. 

We have in house behaviour analysts that offer the highest standard provision and training to staff, to ensure that individuals are receiving excellent support and the greatest chance of living their best life. 



Our service keeps housing and support separate. The person signs their own tenancy agreement with our partnered housing providers who are responsible for the housing needs.

We use a single occupancy model meaning the people who use our service want to live on their own. This is a bespoke scheme which means that housing providers search for property off the housing market in the community based on individual's housing preferences (such as location and facilities), and what is necessary for the person's needs.

Each person has their own staff team recruited around them, and each person can be as involved as they want to be in recruiting them. Recruitment is based on applicants demonstrating the values we have at MMBM, and importantly on their attributes, experiences and interests that fit well with the person being supported. 

We also provide great well-being support for our staff. As we grow, we ensure staff have the room for opportunities to grow and develop.

We understand that without skilled and happy staff, there will not be a happy and thriving service.

Our Ethics and Values is what sets us apart. 

Our mission...

  • To support individuals originating from the Leeds area, with complex behaviour and living needs.

  • Revolutionize social work and care.

  • Enable individuals to move to a home in a community they can call their own.

  • Remove restrictive barriers for people we support.

  • Provide the highest quality and standard of training and support.

  • Support staff well-being.

  • Provide a service that uses evidence-based decisions through behaviour analysis and robust assessments and interventions.

  • To provide individuals opportunities to be a part of their surrounding communities through access to meaningful activities, education, and plans to achieve their goals.

  • Provide pathways for individuals to access, and promote independency.

  • To put the individual at the heart of everything in their life by putting their choices and aspirations first.

  • Build florishing relationships with individuals so they can build their sense of trust in others.

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Never give up on someone with a mental illness.

when 'I' is replaced with 'we', illness becomes wellness

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