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Who we are...

A Bespoke Support Service - treating people as normal citizens

We are a Leeds-based, Small Support provider that uses the concept of 'Bespoke Support' - giving people the resources and support to be a normal citizen in their community (see link below for more information from NDTi regarding Small Supports). This means we aim for people to have as much control within their lives as possible from the start, with a view to growing that control over time. Each person has a staff team recruited around them and is supported to move into their own home in the community. Being a Small Support means we do not stretch thin our resources or focus on meeting people's unique needs. It means we have more time to build positive relationships with them, to know them inside out, and can adapt our support provision around them with more efficiency. The person's choices and aspirations are the starting point to how we support them to live good quality lives, and we do not compromise on these. 

The people we support...

Leeds City Council identify and refer people to us that could benefit from a highly personalised service such as ours. These are people with 'hefty reputations' with traumatic pasts due to being given up on by support services when placements break down. Because of this, they end up typically living in secure wards of hospitals or at out-of-area services, away from their family. We have created our service to give these people a new lease of life with their own homes and support in the Leeds community, and to stick to them like glue. 

Our mission...

  • To cater for individuals originating from the Leeds area, with complex behaviour and living needs.

  • Revolutionise health and social care - we want to be at the forefront of a system that should be safe, supportive and positive by providing an alternate method of achieving this with a Small Support setup . 

  • Enable individuals to move to a home in a community they can call their own.

  • Remove restrictive barriers for our service users.

Our pledge...

  • Build a sense of home and security with the individual within the community.

  • Enable individuals to live good quality lives and promote access towards being more independent.

  • To put the individual at the heart of everything in their life.

  • To support with the least restrictive practice at all times.

  • To always promote the best interests of individuals.

  • To provide individuals opportunities to be a part of their surrounding communities through access to meaningful activities, education, and plans to achieve their goals.

  • To always work with the service users needs and tailor plans to suit each need.

  • To always put our service users needs first, ensuring every action is taken to positively support any need, everyway we ethically can.

  • Individuals will receive the highest standards of support, at all times.

  • Staff well-being is as important and we will continue to promote this at all times.

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Never give up on someone with a mental illness.

when 'I' is replaced with 'we', illness becomes wellness

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