Putting the Person First

A Bespoke Support Model

The individual we support is the most important person. Their needs, wishes and goals influence how we build a positive relationship with them and ultimately how we support them. We empower them to be involved with their own decisions as much as possible, in every area of their life. In appreciating the uniqueness of each person, we fit our support and approaches around them and their needs - rather than fitting the person into a system - so not one person is supported in the same way as another. Bespoke support. 

An Enhanced Positive Behavioural Support

Driven by Needs

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What is PBS? 

PBS is derived from the science of behaviour and applied to remove barriers and enhance the individuals quality of life. PBS finds the meaning behind behaviour that directly impacts the individual's quality of life and helps that person to find other ways to achieve what they want that benefits their quality of life instead. Good practice of PBS can only be done through PBS Specialists who ensure this is done involving the individual and around their unique needs in an ethical manner. As such, we have our own in-house specialists. PBS helps:

1. Put policies in place for proactive strategies and de-escalation techniques unique to each individual

2. Identify the functions of behaviour when incidents occur

3. Quickly put a plan in place to adapt the environment or teach new skills to achieve the same function

4. Support staff to follow each plan to raise the quality of individual's lives and prevent further incidents of this nature

What is Enhanced PBS?

We bring the best halves of social care and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) together to make what we like to call Enhanced Positive Behaviour Support approach - in providing bespoke support, we draw upon the person-centred values of PBS for a flexible, individualised and fresh approach that also maintains the safety and welfare of both the individual and staff. Our Enhanced PBS allows us to also provide opportunities of development and meaningful activities for the individual (see Development Plans) and additionally provides support for staff through training, guidance and on-site supervision.

Development Plans

Making a Difference

Within our Enhanced PBS approach, we offer opportunities to discuss with individuals what their aspirations and goals are and, if wanted and suitable for the individual, we offer to create a development plan with and around the individual. This would provide opportunities to be involved in meaningful activities, be involved in the communities around them, and to help them reach their goals and aspirations. If the individual wanted to develop their skills, we would break down the end goal into smaller, reachable goals. We are constantly on the lookout for possibilities of building partnerships with clubs/companies in the community to provide choice and opportunities to individuals, so if you are interested in connecting with us, get in touch below.

We are also currently planning an 'access to education' programme that if the individual wants to be involved in, could provide opportunities to gain life skills and qualifications. 

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